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Low carb, purified water, added lime, pale, light, boutique... If you're like me you've had enough of poonsy additives and marketing waffle and pray for a day when we can all return to drinking a good honest beer at a reasonable price. Well Reschs is that beer. It's is our state beer, it's a beer for working families, it's the best tasting beer in Australia.
Sadly, Reschs is found on tap at less and less pubs and clubs. Our state beer is being crowded out of the market by inferior product being brought in by selfish Victorians and Taswegians with bad taste.
Well enough is enough! Lets join as one and tell these oppresive liquor barons that we're sick of Reschs taking a back-seat.

(1) To get enough members that we can be a powerful force for good in the liquor industry
(2) To be a place where like minded Reschs connoisseurs can publicise those pubs that still stock our beloved state drink We started as a facebook page and that's where most of our members are still most active. Please join in the conversation here:
Together - lets start the revolution!